I’m not a journalist or a filmmaker. I’m a young woman who lost her best friend, Anoula, to cancer in 2015. It changed my life. From this experience, I channelled my own grief coupled with energy and founded Carers Couch. I’m driven by the love and strength I saw in Anoula. Her amazing resilience and optimism in the face of such a destructive disease being lung cancer, was truly inspiring. The disease eventually and tragically took her life at the age of just 34. Throughout her ordeal, I felt a need to share, and to learn how I could give Anoula greater and better support, but it just wasn’t available, at least not in a clear and concise format for me to empower myself from. This motivated me to help others who found themselves in my predicament – alone, confused, with no real place to share and be understood. I’m hoping that the Carers Couch you see in front of you, even in some small way, helps sustain you through this very challenging time. It’s an overused paraphrase, but if my simple website and its stories help just one person, then I am truly grateful knowing that all my efforts have been worthwhile. And this is why, when I say “Surviving Cancer one story at a time” I really, truly mean it. So please share these stories for carers and their loved ones to help them on their journeys. Gradually, story by story, Anoula’s legacy of optimism and resilience will live on, inspiring each one of us individually.