Pastoral Care @The Royal Melbourne

Pastoral Care aims to respond to the diverse spiritual and emotional concerns experienced through hospitalisation for patients and those who care for them.

The Pastoral and Spiritual Care Services Team support people as they journey through times of illness and associated uncertainty. 

We assist people to draw on their own ‘spiritual’ resources, those things that provide meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging.

For some people, the ‘spiritual’ is expressed through formal religious belief, practice and community.

For others, it is realised through informal beliefs and practice, often connected to meaning drawn from culture, relationships and life experiences. 

Our service is provided by trained Spiritual Care practitioners and Faith Community Chaplains.

Our services include

  • Confidential emotional and spiritual support during illness, surgery, and hospitalisation
  • Emotional and spiritual support for families and carers
  • Religious and sacramental care including prayer, communion, anointing
  • Coordinating visits by representatives from most religious traditions
  • Support for staff and volunteers of Melbourne Health

You can find us online Pastoral Care @The Royal Melbourne where all details are listed including phone support details

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“We believe everyone has a spiritual centre” 

David spends some time on the Carers Couch, telling more of his role as Pastoral Care Manager at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

David believes pastoral care is an area of utmost importance within the hospital setting for patients and families alike.

He oversees the support services offered to all, from those who are admitted for minor procedures through to the huge, life halting situations involving the oncology ward and palliative care.

range of religions are catered for and David emphasises that one need not be religious or affiliated with a particular faith to receive support.

“We aim to provide comfort”

Any individual who enters a hospital environment goes through a range of experiences.

Within the hospital setting, the individual, who may have been admitted for a variety of reasons – serious illness, elective surgery, accident or otherwise – may well experience feelings of fear or loneliness.

The objective of pastoral care is to provide comfort and orientation within the environment and seek to learn about the individual to enable the best support.

Support may be in the form of providing emotional or spiritual care or simply listening to one who needs a chat.

Take the step! Pop into the Level 2 South, Pastoral Care Office!

David explains that the multiculturalism within Australia means there is a huge variety of both spoken languages and religion.

Within the pastoral care area, representatives from most major religions are present to connect with patients and carers alike.

Further, those who do not align themselves with any particular religious group are also cared for.

After all, pastoral care is about being there to support YOU and learn about YOU.

Entering a hospital can be very frightening to many.

Within the public health sector, professionals do their best despite resource inadequacies, but it is an unfortunate fact that the patient can often be left confused, experiencing feelings of apprehension.

This may be due to lack of communication or understanding or due to language barriers.

Pastoral care works to bridge such cumbersome gaps and facilitate communication between the patient, carer and healthcare professional.

Further, support platforms such as Carers Couch can assist one in feeling empowered.

Answers to a myriad of common questions, issues and concerns are at their fingertips, accessible from any laptop or smartphone device.

Carers Couch – A piece of the puzzle! We can help!

Sometimes you may not know where to go or how to connect with different resources within the sometimes-confusing hospital environment.

A resource such as Carers Couch is invaluable for enabling linkages and allowing you to connect to the resources you need!

Carers Couch can help you feel more empowered! @RMH

Given the huge expenses within the hospital setting, each area has their own carer and support network.

Again, a support mechanism, such as Carers Couch, can really assist in directing patients and carers to the answers and support they need.

“People don’t leave their hearts and souls at home….”!

David shares with us why he is so passionate about his line of work.

He believes pastoral care is such an integral part of the healthcare sector.

While one’s obvious physical ailments are attended to primarily, David seeks to enable the healing of heart and soul through connection and care.

While in the hospital – Self-Care Tips from David G.

David offers some self-care tips you will find useful within the hospital environment.


Bring your smart phone or laptop to have a myriad of resources, such as Carers Couch, at your fingertips.

Further, technology will enable your connection with family and friends or even allow you to do some work.

Get out of the ward! Have a coffee, stretch your legs, get some fresh air.

Check out the pastoral care or see the social services support available at the hospital.

Have time-out in the quiet area: meditate, pray or even just sit quietly to get away from the non-stop pace of the hospital. 

You can find us online Pastoral Care @The Royal Melbourne where all details are listed including phone support details!

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