The Carers Foundation

The Carers Foundation

Our Mission is to be an advocate for family carers of all ages in the community, by providing preventative wellness programs for mental and physical well-being. This, in turn, helps to avert health crisis breakdowns in carers.

Our goal is to provide a Wellness and Education Centre, specifically for carers of all ages, background and circumstance, that will be available 24/7 for family carers.

Currently, The Carers Foundation provides carers with quality education and rejuvenation programs at a small private retreat, amongst a tranquil natural environment, to aid healing.

These programs allow carers to maintain their health to continue their vital role of caring at home.

The Carers Foundation provides a place where carers;

* are nurtured, nourished, and acknowledged for what they do;

* connect with other people in similar situations. They can problem solve when they are here, know they are not alone when they leave;

* are educated about their own health through self-care and mindfulness, taught unique stress management tools;

* offered counselling and grief support;

* have natural therapy sessions;

* know that when they come here they will be rejuvenated and empowered so they can continue their role as the main caregiver;

* can be with others in similar situations, or be on their own to rest and recharge self-care, healing and much needed rest.;

* make new connections and friends for ongoing support when they return home to help alleviate social isolation;

“Care givers are unsung heroes of the community”

You can find The Carers Foundation online or via Facebook and Instagram.

The Carers Foundation Video’s

Meet Ronnie, the founding director of Carer’s Foundation.

This establishment works tirelessly to maintain a voice for unpaid carers by identifying those at risk of breakdown, and, ultimately offer ongoing support.

This can include a three-day retreat which allows a complete disconnection from the usual routine.

Further, during the retreat, carers are connected with those in similar situations to generate high levels of connectivity and problem-solving.

Preventative measures are taught during the retreat so that carers leave refreshed, equipped with tools to cope with the extreme stress with which they are daily faced.

For a total of three days, they are provided with respite and experience a unique wellness program tailed to the specific needs of the individuals.

Choices such as massages, reflexology, mindfulness exercises, counselling, or simply ‘time out’ are readily available.

One person simply cannot perform a carer’s role day on end without a break.

Thus, the retreat is used as a preventative measure to ensure breakdown does not occur.

Fund raising is undertaken so that to carers can simply leave the stresses at home and experience this three-day retreat.

The retreat ensures a nurturing, nourishing environment is provided while enabling carers with the tools to cope and manage their debilitating stresses.

Each one of us has a responsibility to look after our carers and recognise that it is essential they are provided with the time and support to care for themselves.

So, if you’re struggling, contact a support network such as Carer’s Couch or Carer’s Foundation and check out the upcoming events.

Take the step!

You can find The Carers Foundation online or via Facebook and Instagram.

Ronnie is truly devoted to meeting the needs of carers. She shares with us 10 tips that will enable carers in their journey.

Tip 1 Notify your GP to engage a professional support network. This will also assist for simple facilitating of any referrals you may require.

Tip 2 Contact a professional carer’s network to gain further access support networks.

Tip 3 Look after yourself! Your own health and wellness are of utmost importance. If your mind and body are run down, you can only offer limited help to your loved one.

Tip 4 Take time to do things you love to do. It is critical not to lose yourself amongst all the medley of responsibilities you are juggling.

Tip 5 Although you may well have the ability to do everything on your own, learn to accept help. Keep a list of things you need doing when help does present itself.

Letting friends help you makes you and them feel better

Tip 6 The connection is huge. Reach out and find a carer’s support network. Linking with those in similar situations will alleviate feelings of isolation, which are so prevalent in carers.

Tip 7 Tip 7 further builds on Tip 6. Whatever category of carer you fall into, be it aged carer or young carer, engage a support network. This will prove a huge benefit for you and your sanity.

Tip 8 Seek financial support and advice. Source quality legal and monetary guidance; depending on the situation, speak to your Power of Attorney.

If the situation relates to a terminal case, engage a financial advisor to research superannuation options and look into an early withdrawal.

Tip 9 Realise your cope mechanisms are different to others. Learn your way of coping and take steps to care for yourself. As the carer, your health and welling are vital to maintaining best care of the patient.

Tip 10 Realise the impact of the carer situation within your family setting. Maintaining an awareness of how your role as carer can affect your family members is essential.

You can find The Carers Foundation online or via Facebook and Instagram.

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